Mailbox - About us
A company with a rich heritage that always looks to the future

Worldwide providers of user-friendly, colourful, effective products for a wide range of sectors.

Production site & UK manufacturing

Virtually all products are made on site in our centrally located UK factory, ensuring we retain control of the entire manufacturing process.

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Rotational moulding

For the production of items with complicated shapes and varied surface textures, rotational moulding is the ideal option.

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Injection moulding

Simple, reliable and efficient, injection moulding can be used to fabricate nearly any type of plastic part quickly and with little waste.

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Accreditations & standards

We design and manufacture to the highest standards, so you can be confident of receiving the best quality products for your workplace.

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Environmental procedures

We are committed to making all our processes as environmentally friendly as possible, reducing waste and recycling as much as we can.

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Mailbox Products history

Mailbox Products combine experience with a fresh, innovative approach to the design of materials handling solutions fit for the 21st century.

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