Update - Photoshoot
AOB Iconic location

We like to do things a bit differently at Mailbox, so when we wanted a location for a photoshoot, we chose nearby Ashton Old Baths.

AOB & Mailbox Products

As you can see from the photos, this is a truly amazing place – the Mailbox team felt privileged to be able to shoot there.

The building dates back to 1870, when Victorian England was trying to encourage a cleaner and fitter population with the building of vast public swimming baths.   150 years on, and the baths have been reimagined as a vibrant and thriving digital hub, with workspace for businesses in the Great Manchester area. 

The design is an incredible light- and space-filled combination of timber and brick.  The new structure built in the heart of the building’s original walls unites old and new, looking forward to the bath’s future while remembering its past.  We hope you enjoy the great images we took. 

The power of reinvention

Standing empty for over 40 years, Tameside MBC and Oxford Innovation stepped in with a new vision for the remarkable space. In 2014, work began to transform the iconic landmark into a vibrant and thriving digital hub with workspace for businesses in the surrounding Greater Manchester area. With an impressive new timber structure built at the heart of the building’s original walls, we continued the Baths’ history of reinvention, innovation and creativity. This is the Ashton Old Baths we know today.

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