Mailbox - Case studies
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If you want to know more about how we can work with you, our case studies are a great place to start.

Wasabi Sushi & Bento

Mailbox products are helping 150 staff handle the cooking, chilling, packing and delivery of food.

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A Room of Calm exhibition

Our flexible Euro stacking containers bring beauty and light to an immersive art project.

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Preparing food for take-off

A colour-coding system for separating Halal food products from standard ingredients.

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Tower range of stacking containers

Euro stacking containers in a wide range of colours and bespoke options for flexible use.

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JCS Hi-Torque sort, store and access

A strong, easily accessible method of storing and storing small parts, with samples provided for trialling.

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Hungry monsters in the playground

Brightly coloured themed bins make recycling and litter collection fun in a school playground.

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Heavy duty R1208 double dolly

An easy way to move product around busy workplaces, designed for easy, space-efficient storage.

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Medstor hospital storage systems

Medstor Xtraglide liner system

Wheeled liner and arrester system reduces the force to withdrawer heavy trays.

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Robots in new automated CSSD

Equipping two automated warehouses, built to deliver sterile goods and services.

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