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A colour-coding system for separating Halal food products from standard ingredients.

Mailbox helps streamline inflight catering and A simple but efficient system

Mailbox, the materials handling division of Stamford Products, recently worked with the North West operations of a major inflight catering supplier to streamline its food sorting, storage and transportation operations. As part of its work, the company provides Halal meals for several major airlines and has to comply with the strict procedures and rules that govern this area of food preparation. A system was already in place to ensure the secure separation of Halal food products from standard ingredients, but the company felt it could be refined and, having worked successfully with Mailbox across a number of other sites, turned to the dedicated customer support team to develop a colourful and effective solution that would improve even further upon the service it was able to offers its clients.

One key reason that Mailbox was the ideal partner for this initiative was that it could provide the right products in the right colours and quantities. As all work is undertaken at the company’s Manchester factory, Mailbox maintains complete control of the entire production process, ensuring consistent quality and a quick turnaround. It also means that a wide range of colour options can be made available on all Mailbox product ranges. This flexibility sets Mailbox apart from many others in the market and made it perfect for the bespoke solution this project required.

Simple but efficient system

Working closely with the inflight catering supplier, Mailbox delivered a simple but efficient system based on colour coding that enabled the entire process to function more efficiently: in addition to supplying boxes and containers in a variety of colours for the sorting of standard foodstuffs, those provided specifically for the segregation of Halal products are all green, providing an easy visual reference for staff. The boxes and containers can also be personalised with the company name or logo, or marked up to show the contents with an image or word - extremely helpful in an industry where there is no consistency on colour coding, and the colour that means Halal in one factory, may mean dairy in another.

This system was only delivered after several site visits and close liaison with the customer, allowing Mailbox to gain a thorough understanding of what was needed. Mailbox supplied all the stacking containers and boxes and accompanying racking for the huge and constantly busy food preparation area, ready for sorting, segregating, storing and moving ingredients. Made from the highest quality food grade plastic, the boxes and containers Mailbox provided are from its Stamford and Tower ranges, designed to be strong and durable to withstand heavy use and repeated washing. The lightweight and manoeuvrable stainless steel trolleys that completed the system can carry up to 16 containers with ease, ensuring ingredients can be moved around the food preparation area quickly and safely. Everything supplied is also compatible with other products from the Mailbox portfolio, future-proofing the system should modifications or additions be required at a later stage.

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