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Sharing our facilities and expertise

At Mailbox, we have our own UK factory, so we are able to be highly responsive to customer needs. 

Owning the experience

In addition to manufacturing our own products, we offer a contract or custom moulding service – if you have a concept that you want to develop, you can use our facilities and expertise to take it from conception to production.

Our contract moulding service includes product design advice, tooling, model making, prototyping and a choice of injection or rotational moulding.  If a customer has their own tools that have been moulded elsewhere, they can be moved over to us.  The service may be used for trials, initial testing programmes and one-off production runs, or larger orders.  If required, a bespoke package can be tailored to specific needs.

From concept to reality

The service gives you access to our vast knowledge and experience.  We have designers, material specialists, a testing area, and mould flow analysis experts that can ensure you get a perfectly engineered product.

It’s like having your own advanced R&D team and manufacturing facility, but without major investment.

A fully automated CSSD - from blank sheet to completion

We recently worked with our sister company Medstor to deliver a world first – a fully automated central sterile services department (CSSD) for the hospitals in Denmark’s Capital Region. 

For this project, we had to design and manufacture the elements of a system that transports sterile goods of various sizes around a huge warehouse.  Precise and exact manufacturing was essential to ensure compatibility with the conveyer belt and system.

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Case study - Robots in new automated CSSD

In what is a world first, Medstor will work in Copenhagen with Danish consulting company ALECTIA, equipping two automated warehouses.

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Mailbox product designers, logistics boxes, medical containers

Medstor Xtraglide - Wheeled liner and arrester system

When our sister company Medstor needed to take the functionality and handling of the trays and liners in its specialist medical storage solutions to the next level, we worked with the team to develop the innovative Xtraglide system.

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