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Mailbox produces a range of products for litter collection and recycling, particularly popular with local councils, schools and universities.  Each waste collection product supports the growing focus on waste separation and recycling, helping customers to comply with the stricter guidelines now in force relating to the collection and transportation of industrial waste.   Our grit and salt bins keep everything running smoothly, no matter what the weather throws at us all.

Waste collection systems

From fun themed “litter eater” bins, ideal for use in schools and playgrounds, to large wheelie bins for general industrial waste, Mailbox can work with you to implement an efficient waste collection system. 

Our bins are made of Polyethylene, an impact-resistant plastic that is weatherproof, UV- and ageing resistant and impervious to many common chemicals and acids.  It also guarantees a smooth construction for easy cleaning.  Everything in the range is designed to be robust and long lasting, ideal for use in this demanding environment.

Ready for winter

In the winter, snow and ice can become a major problem on playgrounds, parks, roads, pavements and even runways, causing delays and accidents. We understand the importance of keeping areas safe for people and vehicles and work with local authorities to provide grit and salt bins, ready for use when needed. 

These robust and durable lockable lidded bins can be sited anywhere ice and snow may need to be removed quickly, for example at public facilities, residential areas, business premises, schools, petrol stations and airports.  Snow shovels are also available.


A clean and safe environment

Affordable, effective and built to last, Mailbox makes it easy to collect waste and keep your environment looking good.  We also help to ensure your space is safe – litter left on the ground can harm animals, spread infestation and disease and even injure people.

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Personalisation options

All items are available in a wide range of standard colours, with fabrication and personalisation options to suit customer needs.  We can offer helpful advice on standard products from all our ranges. If required, our experienced in-house designers can support customers in the design and development of bespoke solutions, with all work undertaken at our UK factory.

Visual Colour System

Colour-coded segregation can be a complex issue but not with Mailbox Products VCS, our visual colour system colour service.

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