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Euro container trolley

Our brand new product makes it easier than ever before to stack, transport and access product.

New from Mailbox products

The new mobile Euro container trolley from Mailbox makes it easy to stack, transport and access a wide range of products, streamlining processes to make your workplace even more efficient. 

Runner system

Containers are on a runner system that makes accessing product extremely straightforward – simply decide what you want and slide out the relevant container.  Superior space efficiency is achieved due to there being little wasted space between containers once they are placed on the trolley.

Available in polyester powder-coated mild steel and stainless steel, the trolley is available in single-stack and double-stack versions.  It can be configured to suit customer needs exactly.  It is fully welded-up, so is very strong and stable with no assembly required.

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Tente castors

Non-marking rubber castors make the Euro container trolley easy to manoeuvre with brakes for safe storage when not in use.