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Food processing and hygiene

Mailbox works with clients to deliver off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions that keep the food production process flowing smoothly, streamlining procedures while ensuring compliancy with the strictest food handling requirements. From initial concept to the finished system, whether you require containers for use within an existing process or the development and equipping of an entirely new approach, Mailbox is your ideal partner.

Protecting against cross contamination

The handling of raw materials requires the highest standards of hygiene to prevent cross-contamination, which can occur food-to-food, people-to-food, or equipment-to-food.   To help customers achieve this, Mailbox produces a wide range of premium food grade virgin plastic containers, trucks and bins, allowing foodstuffs to be sorted, segregated, moved and stored safely and efficiently. 

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Robust construction

To further reduce the risk of contamination, it is vital that everything used in the food production process is kept hygienically clean. Virgin plastic is the optimal material for use in this environment: durable and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, Virgin plastic can be employed in a variety of environments and undergo regular robust cleaning.  It is inert to many chemicals so will not be damaged by contents or cleaning products.

Mailbox containers are fabricated using two highly efficient processes:

  • Rotational moulding – results in a smooth and stress-free finish that reduces the risk of fractures and bacteria-harbouring cracks
  • Injection moulding - a versatile and cost-effective method that produces very strong and durable plastic products

Personalisation options

All items are available in a wide range of standard colours, with fabrication and personalisation options to suit customer needs.  We can offer helpful advice on standard products from all our ranges. If required, our experienced in-house designers can support customers in the design and development of bespoke solutions, with all work undertaken at our UK factory.

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Mailbox Customer Audit

We can help with important compliance support

• Major supermarket audits

Visual Colour System

Colour-coded segregation can be a complex issue but not with Mailbox Products VCS, our visual colour system colour matching service.

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