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Heavy duty R1208 double dolly

An easy way to move product around busy workplaces, designed for easy, space-efficient storage.

Introducing the heavy-duty R1208 double dolly

Following the success of the R1192 Double Dolly used for the M725 Ultra Nest logistics crates, Mailbox has introduced a heavier-duty version, the R1208, designed to meet the even more challenging environments of the food handling and distribution services.

Manufactured in food-approved medium density polyethylene (MDPE), the all-new Double Dolly retains many of the features and benefits of the R1192, including the hygienic smooth surfaces that make it suitable for food production environments. The new dolly is fitted with four 100mm nylon castors, making highly manoeuvrable.  It also has the option of a detachable plastic handle that is simple to attach and remove. In addition, Mailbox has engineered the new dolly to carry heavy loads of up to 250kg. Its compact design includes castor stacking locators on the surface, allowing the secure and safe stacking of dollies when not in use.

Available in a choice of colours

R1208 Double Dolly is the perfect solution for handling the M725 Ultra Nest crates.

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Optional handle

Optional R1165 detachable handle. Weight loading 150kg. Complete with 4 x 100mm swivel nylon castors. Hygienic, smooth surfaces that are easily cleaned.