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When hose clamp manufacturer JCS Hi-Torque needed a strong, easily accessible method of sorting and storing small parts in its Suffolk factory, materials handling specialist Mailbox was able to deliver a solution that fitted the brief perfectly. JCS Hi-Torque was already using a selection of Mailbox’s brightly coloured, durable plastic containers and trusted the advice and knowledge Mailbox would provide. Mailbox, well known for its outstanding customer service, made several visits to JCS Hi-Torque to ensure the company chose the right product for the job, supplying samples for trialling and spending time reviewing how well they had worked, ensuring that when the final order was placed, JCS Hi-Torque could be confident the factory would receive a sorting and storage solution exactly suited to its needs.

A hose clamp or clip is a device used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting. JCS Hi-Torque supplies several varieties of clamps, clips and accessories and needed to find a way to sort and store them in containers that are not only strong but also quick and easy to access by staff when fulfilling an order. Prior to approaching Mailbox, the company had been using cardboard boxes but as the bags of product are quite heavy – 2-3kg each – the boxes were falling apart under the weight. The main challenge was going through the different container options available from Mailbox’s wide product portfolio to find a solution that would not only meet JCS Hi-Torque’s storage capacity and accessibility needs but was also compatible with the existing racking system. Containers also needed to be designed so they could be stacked on top of each other safely and securely.

Working closely with JCS Hi-Torque throughout

The Mailbox team provided several samples for trialling before the 45 litre stacking container was selected from the Tower range. These containers, made of the highest quality food grade plastic and strong enough to withstand heavy use and repeated washing, are available in a variety of bright standard colours, and can be personalised with a name or logo. JCS Hi-Torque chose colours to match the company branding. In addition to providing ample capacity, this container has an opening short wall, enabling packers to reach in and remove product. After making a mock-up box while on site for the in-house design team to work around, Mailbox produced and presented the client with various options to ensure the containers had the correct lip height and style to allow the product bags of varying sizes to be stored safely without falling out but also to be removed easily without snagging and tearing when required.

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