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When Boris Johnson visited the Glasgow Lighthouse Lab COVID-19 testing centre recently, he was pictured standing in front of several large stacks of brightly coloured Mailbox boxes. The attached lid containers (ALCs) are being used for collecting and moving samples to the laboratories for testing – the images from the visit clearly show the scientists working at the microbiological safety cabinets taking samples out of the labelled boxes, which have been piled safely on top of each other to make them easy to access.

Lighthouse laboratories provide dedicated high-throughput COVID-19 testing as part of the National Testing Programme. The Glasgow Lighthouse Lab employs 650 people at its site within Glasgow University’s Teaching and Learning Building on the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) campus in Govan. Since April 2020, it has played a pivotal part in the country’s pandemic response, processing COVID-19 test samples from across the UK. The prime minister visited to highlight the outstanding work being done across Glasgow to fight coronavirus.

The ALCs Mailbox supplied to the Glasgow Lighthouse Lab are moulded in a light-coloured, semitransparent material that gives a shadow line of contents. This means that users can easily see the fill level without opening the boxes. The distinctive bright yellow lids are a clear indicator of the boxes’ purpose, supporting the laboratory’s colour-coding strategy and helping to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely in this high-pressure environment. Mailbox offers a huge range of colours from stock, so when the laboratory requested the unusual natural/yellow lid combination, the team was able to fulfil the order without any delays, despite the very quick turnaround necessitated by the pandemic.

Mailbox Attached Lid Containers

Mailbox ALCs are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry as they are very easy to clean and wash down, ensuring high standards of hygiene can be maintained. Plastic construction means they are not susceptible to the moisture and contamination that can cause mould and bacteria.

This style of container also offers several other key benefits:

  • The attached lid provides protection for contents in storage and transit
  • ALCs stack easily when in use then nest inside each other when empty, saving valuable space
  • Extremely flexible, the ALCs are ideal for use as return trip packaging
  • Injection moulding using high quality materials means the containers are strong and long-lasting

Available in a wide range of standard and bespoke colours, ALCs support any colour coding strategy In addition, Mailbox offers personalisation options if customers want to add their company branding.

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“There can be no better time to support the pharmaceutical industry, as scientists work around the clock to provide the testing that is so essential in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Mailbox is proud to be able to provide the materials handling solutions needed to help keep operations running smoothly.”

Allison Seabourne: Sales Director, Stamford Products

Borris Johnson Attached Lid Containers

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