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Medstor’s Wheeled Arrester System – Xtraglide

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Our product design team is constantly working to incorporate new technology and ideas into the Medstor range of materials management solutions, ensuring products never stand still, but are always evolving.  The brand new Wheeled Arrester System, Xtraglide, is just one design development to have come out of this commitment to ongoing innovation.

Too often, drawers full of medical items are heavy and difficult to pull out – pull the drawer out too little and it is difficult to reach the items, but pull it too far and you run the risk of the drawer and contents falling out.  The force required to open the drawer can also be a health and safety risk for staff. Medstor’s trays and dividers, however, have always been designed to move smoothly and safely. It was this that Medstor sought to improve even further with Xtraglide, a liner system with two key design features:

  • The Wheel

Adding a wheel to the liners in the shelving system reduces the force needed to withdraw heavy trays.  It does this by reducing any pressure from the tray contents onto the liner, creating a glide effect with each rotation of the wheel and reducing the friction associated with tray withdrawal. 

  •  The Horizontal or 25° Angled Arrester

Arresters fitted to the liners allow trays to be moved to the horizontal or 25° angled position to permit easy withdrawal of products.  When fully extended, the tray is completely secured and product is easily accessible.  A simple lift to override the positive arrest allows the tray to be removed completely.  Put simply, the tray can be pulled out, dropped down to a 25° angle, or removed and easily clicked back into place, all with minimum effort and zero risk.

Xtraglide is the third generation of Medstor’s liner system, designed to meet a demand in the market place.   Rigorous in-house testing has demonstrated just how far in advance of its predecessors it is – an Xtraglide liner loaded with 25.5kg of product requires just 1kgf to pull out, compared with the 11kgf required by earlier designs.

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Perfect for Hospital environments

Xtraglide works well within the therapeutic environment because it makes it safer and easier to access products by reducing manual handling.  The liner and arrester configuration can be easily modified to work with whatever the hospital needs, so maximising space and minimising cost.  It also helps the hospital to work more efficiently because fewer working days are lost due to injuries incurred pulling out heavy, inflexible drawers.

All Medstor products are designed with infection control in mind.  Xtraglide liners can be easily removed and sterilised in a general washing system or cleaned with alcohol wipes.  As all products are made in and distributed from Medstor’s UK factory, a low carbon footprint is assured.

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