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Product Personalisation

Mass production meant the generation of identical products. However new technology means we now have ability to customise/personalise all our products to customers specific requirements.

Permanent hot foil diestamping,Permanently stencilled graphics,Moulded-in graphics, In mould Embossing, vinyl graphics, Post moulding graphics, barcoding, card holders.


Permanent diestamping

Permanent diestamping or hot foil printing is perfect for trays.  You send us a logo or text and we produce a diestamp block to create a single colour permanent impression on the product.

This creates a hard-wearing and long-lasting graphic, particularly suitable for frequent washing at high temperatures in food environments.

Permanent stencilled graphics

This process is ideal for larger graphics and bigger mouldings such as round bins, rotationally moulded trucks and IBCs or pallet tanks.  It is suitable for use in the food preparation environment.  

You simply tell us what text, logo or artwork you want and we create it on our system. 

We then use a specialist mould ink that, when exposed to a flame, makes the graphic permanent and scratch- and solvent- resistant, so it will never wear off.  We can produce any style of multi coloured text or graphic using this process.

Moulded-in graphics

This process is used to create a permanent graphic for large-scale production runs.

The graphic is applied to the moulding by means of a transfer during the moulding process. Integrating the graphics into the product surface during the manufacturing process means that they sit flush with the surface and are scratch and fade resistant.  They also have a similar chemical resistance as the moulding material. Suitable for multicoloured graphics.

In mould Embossing

This process is used to create a permanent graphic for large-scale production runs.

The graphic is engraved into a removal plate and applied to the moulding during the moulding process. Integrating the graphics in relief into the product surface during the manufacturing process, offers a hardwearing and fade resistant option.

Vinyl graphics

Ideal for customising small numbers of products, for use in less harsh environments, giving great flexibility in design and colours.

Post moulding graphics

Similar to moulded in graphics but applied after the manufacturing process, affording increased flexibility but care should be taken in very harsh environments.


Uniquely numbered barcoding (labels) provides instant identification of a containers contents and provides a tracking facility through the distribution chain.

Card holders

Moulded in card holders and stippled areas for self adhesive labels are supplied on a number of our containers. We can also supply different types of fixed card holders. Ideal for non permanent identification.

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Plastic tub printing

Digital thermal printing

You tell us what you want on the boxes or trucks and we create the artwork.  This is then uploaded to the printing machine.

With this process, we can create everything from standard text or images to barcodes and numbers (sequential if required).

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