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Rotational moulding a flexible option

Great production flexibility. A casting process and requires lower tooling and machinery costs and can be used to make complicated shapes with different surface textures.

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Rotational moulding is suitable for a wide range of products – materials handling solutions, automotive parts, and custom and proprietary products.  The process offers the product designer exceptional freedom as just about any shape and size can be produced from 5 to 500 kilos in weight and up to 4 metres in diameter.

Rotation moulding services

A technologically advanced UK facility

The team at Mailbox is experienced in delivering rotational mouldings of the highest standard, working out of a UK facility equipped with the latest machinery.


The Process

  • A plastic material, usually in powder form, is placed into a hollow mould made from cast aluminium or fabricated from sheet steel.
  • The mould is closed and rotated slowly on two axes before being placed into an oven, where it continues rotating.
  • The polymer gradually melts and ‘lays-up’ on the inside of the mould.
  • When the polymer powder has fully melted, the mould can be moved to a cooling station and cooled, usually with air and sometimes a fine mist of water.
  • As the mould cools, the part solidifies.

When the material has cooled sufficiently to release away from the mould surface, the process is stopped and the product taken out of the mould or “de-moulded”.

As it is a casting process, there is normally no pressure involved. This means that the material cannot be controlled in the same way as high pressure processes such as injection moulding.

There are many variables that can affect production and the end product such as ambient temperature and humidity, type of mould, material specification and powder quality.  These variables enforce the importance of working with a skilled rotational moulding partner such as Mailbox, experienced in controlling the process successfully.

UK Roto moulding services

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