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Over the phone or in person, Mailbox is always there to support your business.

A wide range of challenges, considerations and circumstances

Mailbox understands that each sector has its own needs.  With over 50 years’ experience in materials handling and a proven record of designing, installing and commissioning innovative, effective solutions to a huge range of industries and businesses, we have the market knowledge to ensure all our customers receive the advice and products they need. 

We never underestimate  the importance of safe handling.  Everything we produce in our UK factory has been developed by our in-house team with workplace safety in mind, designed to reduce the risk of injuries and help to boost productivity and user comfort.

Our network of skilled, experienced sales people spend time with each customer getting to understand the way their business operates, walking the factory, talking and, most importantly, listening.  This means we are always aware of industry trends, such as the increasing popular of colour coding for sorting and segregation of products.  We respond to this by developing the products customers really need and, if required, work with them to develop bespoke solutions.

We can take your project from initial feasibility studies and analysis of existing plant and requirements, right through to ongoing service and support.  Having a large and highly skilled multidisciplinary team and our own factory enables us to be extremely responsive to all and any demands – if the market determines it and the customer needs it, we will develop it.

Improving Your Efficiency

Mailbox works closely with customers to develop systems that improve efficiency and streamline procedures. This may be through refinements to an existing system or development of an entirely new one.  A streamlined process means fewer errors and delays.

A good example of this is our stacking containers.  Available in a wide range of colours, these high quality, containers have endless possibilities.  Many of our customers have used them to introduce colour-coding, a straightforward and effective way to separate products. Sorting by colour makes it quick and easy to identify contents in a busy workplace, minimising confusion and errors:

  • Food industry – keep ingredients and allergens separate
  • Automotive industry – keep components separate or sort by manufacturer
  • Warehousing – separate stock by product or client

Having everything in the place it should be, easy to identify and access, saves time, improves health and safety and streamlines work practices, supporting the growth and ongoing success of any business.

Reducing Your Costs

Mailbox works with customers to streamline procedures, which in turn reduces costs, making warehouses, production facilities and factories more time efficient by ensuring everything is in the right place at the right time, sorted and easy to access.

Whether our containers are housing small items or bulk quantities, contents will be safely stored, ready for use.

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Reuse, Return, Recycle

As a company well known for its commitment to delivering outstanding service, Mailbox always works with customers to reduce waste. When plastic items reach the end of their life, we work closely with one of our processing partners to collect them and have them recycled into new items rather than being sent to landfill.

Preventing the waste of potentially useful materials to reduce energy usage, air pollution and water pollution is an integral part of the company ethos and this is just one example of the many environmental measures Mailbox implements across its factory and entire supply chain.  

Mailbox are a UK manufacturer

From our UK base, we distribute high quality, colourful, useful products throughout the UK and the world

• Stacking containers
• Stack / nest containers
Attached lid containers
Logistics crates
Trucks & trolleys
Bins & tanks
Bulk handling
Storage & shelving
Waste management
Scoops & shovels