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The information in the chemical resistance tables above is given as a first guidance. If a chemical compound is not listed or if there is uncertainty about chemical resistance please contact us for advice. It is also emphasised that the properties of plastic containers can be affected by use at temperatures other than at ambient. If you are in any doubt please contact us.

General chemical resistance of polycarbonate at room temperature

chemical class content goes here.
lexan polycarbonate content goes here.
chemical class content goes here.
lexan polycarbonate content goes here.

Conversion Formulae

As well as being an extremely robust option, RTP is very space-efficient - crates are stackable when full and nest at 77% of their total height when empty. 

This means you can pack more in on both outward and inbound journeys, reducing the number of trips needed and the resulting carbon footprint.

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Mailbox produces a wide range of RTP logistics solutions for use across the sectors, including Ultranest crates, attached lid containers (ALCs), intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), pallets boxes and pallets.

This huge variety of options means that we have the products to support your ongoing growth, ready to help you handle whatever the future holds for your business.

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A colour-coding system for separating Halal food products from standard ingredients.
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