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Stamford Group Ltd

Stamford Products is a major employer in Stalybridge and plays a key role in the local economy and community.  Our 20,000m2  Clarence Mill site is a busy manufacturing hub, in which 170 staff design and produce our huge range and variety of colourful storage products, which leave the factory destined for customers around the world, promoting British quality and craftsmanship.

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Located next to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, the mill was built by philanthropists William and Henry Bayley in 1862 to create work in Stalybridge during the Lancashire Cotton Famine, when textile workers in the North West had gone from being the most prosperous workers in Britain to the most impoverished. 

Over a hundred years later, a management buy-out led to the formation of Stamford Group Ltd, and Clarence Mill was once again thriving.  On the factory floor, generations of the same family can be found working together, testament to the integral role Stamford Products plays in the lives of so many local people.

Clarence Mill

Our head office and production site has dominated the Stalybridge landscape for 150 years, an emblem of community and employment for local people, something it continues to represent to this day as the headquarters to Stamford Products.

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Traditional values with integrity

At Stamford Products, We are extremely proud of our local workforce and the diverse partnerships we have established.  We are focussed on our successful future, but take great pride in our past and the role we continue to play in our home town, values that remain at the core of everything we do.