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Helping to prevent cross contamination in food processing.

Food hygiene and storage improvements

Food hygiene continues to present challenges for manufacturers, with even major companies appearing in the press recently due to cross contamination problems, forcing product recalls and public apologies. One of the key challenges is how to sort, segregate and store ingredients successfully on a busy production line, making safety a top priority at all times. Mailbox has responded to customer requests for a solution to this issue with the launch of its new Euro stacking container, developed by the in-house design team specifically for use in clean environments. The robust and durable container conforms to all relevant EU regulations and is made from food grade virgin MDPE plastic, compounded on- site at our UK facility.

Cross contamination can occur food-to-food, people-to-food, or equipment-to-food. To help prevent it, all ingredients must be handled correctly and stored separately.  Colour coding supports this and has long been accepted as an effective measure to help prevent cross- contamination and distinguish critical zones and control points.  The new container is available in a wide range of colours, including bespoke options, making it an ideal and cost-effective way for manufacturers to implement a new colour coding strategy or enhance an existing one, developing best practice that maintains the highest food hygiene standards.  Containers can also be fabricated to suit the client, for example with drainage holes or cutouts for labelling.  They can also be personalised with text, logos and images.  The simple process of keeping different product in different containers is a huge step towards preventing cross-contamination and can be used across a wide range of food processing industries.

Further reduce the risk of contamination

it is also vital that everything used in the food production process is kept hygienically clean. MDPE plastic is the optimal material: durable and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures from -30°C to +80°C, it can be employed in a variety of environments and undergo regular robust cleaning.  It is inert to many chemicals so will not be damaged by contents or cleaning products. The new container is made of the highest quality plastic and is fabricated using rotational moulding, a process that results in a smooth and stress-free finish so material is much less likely to fracture and create the cracks that can harbour dangerous bacteria. This and its smooth surfaces, seamless construction and wide radius corners free from dust traps, make it ideally suited to the challenging and demanding food processing environment.

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Euro stacking containers

The new stacking containers are available in two heights, both with the same Euro footprint, and come with lids as an optional extra. They are a valuable addition to the Mailbox range, complementing other products such as the round nesting bins and bringing cohesion to the factory floor. They can be stacked safely, with or without the lid.  Dollies are also available, allowing large numbers of containers to be stacked and moved easily.  All products are made in the UK by Mailbox, so quality assurance is guaranteed from start to finish.