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An ingenious solution that ensures your storage provision can grow and adapt to meet your changing needs.

The Triclamp tube assembly system is a simple solution to even the most complex storage problem

The ingenious clamp, available with a range of components and accessories, allows you to link two or three tubes together at right angles to create whatever storage configuration suits your needs.  A simple Allen key locks the tubes tightly into place, ensuring a strong, rigid, safe construction.

Storage areas can be extended or reduced in length, width or height in a matter of minutes.  Despite its strength, the Triclamp system is very lightweight and can be reconfigured or moved easily.

Used across thousands of different applications

From backroom storage frameworks and jigs to shop fit-outs and display stands, the Triclamp system is exceptionally flexible and adaptable. Its design allows for an infinite number of changes and adjustments, ensuring your storage provision can grow and adapt with your business.

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1000s of applications

Manufactured in the UK from the very best materials, Triclamp offers the ultimate construction tool for generating ideas .   Our customer service team can advise on the best configuration for your business.

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