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Visual Colour System

Communicate with colour VCS.

Communicate with colour

Colour is an international language.  Most of our containers are presently available in a range of up to 10 colours ex-stock, bespoke colours are also available to help you establish a visual colour system (VCS) that communicates how your contents should be stored, sorted and segregated.

Our diverse product range means you can extend a VCS across your entire facility, streamlining procedures and making safety an integral part of your operations.

Personalise your process

At Mailbox, we enable the solution, but the inspiration behind it is all yours - you may want to separate different components, ingredients or products, or sort waste for recycling.

Our standard off-the-shelf ranges come in a wide selection of colours but for specific projects we offer bespoke options – if the customer wants it, we will do our absolute best to provide it.

VCS also allows you to use colour to reinforce company branding, with the option to add logos, images or words to achieve a truly unique design.

Food safety, hygiene and visual management compliance solutions

In the food industry, sorting and segregation of product is extremely important but there are no national guidelines when it comes to colour choices – a colour that denotes fish in one company could mean dairy in another.

With our containers, you can develop your own colour-coding system or complement an existing one.  With virtually all our products available from stock, this can be done quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of a fast-moving market.

Colour coding gives you:

  • Instant visual recognition
  • Identification of low risk and high risk areas
  • Prevention of cross contamination
  • Safe segregation

The industry makes some of the highest demands when it comes to safety and integrity of the final product.  It is vital that the end user – you and I – can trust the food we eat.

We can help you to prepare for food safety audits, with colour coding and visual management compliance playing a key role when there is no margin for error.

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Technical Specification

If you require more detailed information on Mailbox products, please view our technical specifications.
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Colour options and product personalisation

Mailbox offers one of the widest colour ranges on the market, giving clients huge choice when it comes to colour compliance, colour coding or segregation, with standard colours held in stock for fast delivery.  If a more personalised product is called for, a selection of bespoke options is also available, including:

  • Colour-matching for production run quantities 
  • Moulded-in graphics or permanent die-stamping of company logos
  • Printed text
  • Sequential numbering
  • Product identification
  • Bar codes, RFID, security seals
  • Bespoke fabrication options

Preparing food for take-off

A colour-coding system for separating Halal food products from standard ingredients.
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