premium food grade MDPE virgin plastic containers

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Wasabi Co. Ltd is a leading UK supplier of sushi and bento.

With 50 shops in and around Central London and contracts with some of the UK’s leading supermarket chains

When the company built a new 65,000 sq ft central production unit (CPU) in North London to meet growing demand, it needed to find a partner that it could trust absolutely to supply the quality, quantity and variety of materials handling solutions essential if everything was to be up and running in time for the launch.  Wasabi also needed to establish an ongoing partnership with the supplier to ensure it always had the boxes, bins and moulded trucks essential for use on the busy production line - Mailbox was able to deliver all this and more.

Mailbox was ideally placed to work with Wasabi, having wide experience in the food industry and a longstanding relationship with Ankur Sethi, head of the CPU.  The project started with several visits to the Wasabi factory to gain a thorough understanding of what was required, after which Mailbox provided samples for trialling. 

Ankur and his team then put the sample products through their paces and, working closely with the dedicated customer service team at Mailbox, were able select exactly what they needed:

  • Stacking lidded containers made from premium food grade MDPE virgin plastic, supplied in red, blue and green for colour segregation of different products in each area of the factory (blue for high care, red for high risk, green for low risk).Handholes and solid sides make these boxes strong but easy to move and stack.
  • Moulded trucks on wheels, so food could be easily packed then stored in the dispatch area prior to being sent out.
  • Step-on bins for general waste, colour-coded in line with the stacking containers to avoid confusion.
  • Stainless steel shoe racks for operators to store factory shoes.

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Mailbox was also able to source and supply collapsible pallet boxes and dollies

This ability to work flexibly and provide a wide range of products, quickly and in the large quantities required, meant the CPU had the equipment needed to operate at full capacity right from the start, stocking shops, meeting orders and operating in the safe, streamlined and efficient manner Wasabi employs across all its facilities.  Two years down the line and the Mailbox products are helping the CPU’s 150 staff handle the cooking, chilling, packing and delivery of an astonishing 75 tonnes of food for Wasabi retail outlets, and the partnership continues to flourish.